Today I Made a Raspberry Tart

Well ok it was not today….but oh well can’t change the title now, right!

This is the same tart I made when I started this blog, just changed the fruits!


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Today I Made a Fig Tart

I made this tart because the picture in the recipe book was very nice and I wanted to make a dessert that was good and looked as good! It is also helpful that figs are now in season! The result did not look as the original picture but it was delicisous so in the end I am happy anyway!

The difficult part is to fold the dough because I made itmyself and it was not a perfectcircle!

Recipe hopefully coming soon…. as you can maybe see I am missing the time lately to bake, eat and post!

Next is Raspberry Tart!
What about you, what did you bake lately?

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Today I made Madeleines

This was not the first time I made madeleines; I bake them quite often, it’s super easy to prepare, you need only a few ingredients and they make perfect snacks! Oh and they are way better home made than the ones you buy….. and a lot cheaper too.
I did find a new recipe online, better than the one i used before. I will share it with you soon!

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Today I Made Strawberry Shortcakes

Next on my list of desserts was to make Strawberry Shortcakes.
The original recipe was not very clear… or the sake from yesterday had more effect on me than I thought! The “cake” part probably could be better if I had understood all the steps… and had taken them in the right order…. oh well I am learning and it is still good! (but not as soft as I wished)

Anyway it’s still fairly easy to bake and make for a great dessert or snack!

I will post the recipe soon!

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Today I Made Molten Chocolate Cakes

I have been trying to find a great chocolate cake recipe for a very long time now. I usually check out recipes online and try the ones that seams the best. Unfortunately have not been able to make a GOOD chocolate cake…… until now:-)
I found the recipe in my new dessert cookbook and I will only use that one from now on!

If you want to try it, the recipe is here!

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Today I Made a Chocolate Tart

I never ate a chocolate tart… but today I had dough and chocolate in the kitchen… some friends at home hungry for sweets…a recipe found online… et voila…I was able to try to bake a new dessert.

I am not sure how it’s suppose to taste really since I have never had one before. I was ok , a bit too soft for me. I am sure I can find a better recipe and make an awesome chocolate tart next time!

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