Today I made… a recollection of the past weeks! Charlottes, Crumbles, Pie & Cookies!

So I have been baking, I have been eating….but I haven’t been posting!
In the last weeks I have made a few easy and quick desserts!
I have made 2 crumbles, one with Apples and one with Apricots. All you need for this is fruits, butter, sugar and flour!! Crumble used to be my dessert of choice before I learned how to bake more fancy desserts!

Anyhow, on my list of new desserts to make was the French “Charlotte” so I made one with Strawberries and Blueberries! It was so good that I made another one the next day with Apricots that I had in a can and the rest of the Blueberries! It was even better!
All you need for this cake are Ladyfinger cookies (you can find them at Trader Joes) a can of fruits of your choice (or fresh fruits in their own juice), heavy cream and a little sugar!

Next on the list was a Raspberry-Apple Pie. I made 2 and brought them to my friends house; everyone loved them!

Finally I needed cookies for the holidays, I usually make simple sugar cookies and decorate them! This year I wanted to make hazelnut cookies, and I have to say these were the best cookies ever!! I will definitely make them every year from now on!

Next on my list : Le Flan Pâtissier (French Custard tart!)

À Bientôt!

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